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Daniel Spicer raises funds for lost jazz albums compendium

The new book collects 13 years of Jazzwise columns and will be published by Eleusinian Press

Daniel Spicer is compiling a new book on Eleusinian Press. Called Lost In The Vaults – Rare Collectables And Forgotten Gems From The Jazzwise Archives, the collection will gather a series of essays written on a monthly basis by Spicer over the course of 13 years.

“At the end of 2005, Jon Newey, then Editor of Jazzwise, put out a call for proposed contributions to a new column he was launching in the magazine”, explains Spicer. “Called ‘Lost In The Vaults’, the column was to feature, each month, a different jazz recording that was out of print and languishing in the doldrums of unavailability. Around a year into my burgeoning career as a music writer, and keen to write as much as possible, I immediately suggested something from Sun Ra’s legendarily extensive and abstruse back catalogue. Jon went for it. I got the gig, with my first attempt being published in February 2006.”

He continues. “From then on, for almost 13 years, I contributed a column each month – apart from a few occasions when there wasn’t room to run one, and two months fairly early on when fellow scribe Brian Priestley did the honours. It was a pretty simple brief: all I had to provide was 150 words on a recording of my choice, details of how much it was selling for and a thumbnail of the cover art. Piece of cake."

It’s set for release as a paperback coffee table book for mid-2019. However, a Kickstarter has also been launched, where those interested can make a pledge for a limited edition hardback version.