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Resonance FM launches expansion of digital sister channel Resonance EXTRA

“The more radical alternative to the radical alternative” now broadcasting on DAB in London, Bristol, Cambridge and Norwich

Award winning London arts station Resonance FM has announced a major expansion of its DAB sister station into four new cities in the UK. Resonance EXTRA, which began as a digital station in Brighton, is now broadcasting in city centres in London, Bristol, Cambridge, and Norwich.

Resonance EXTRA, the “more radical alternative to the radical alternative on Resonance FM,” is programmed by Peter Lanceley, and presents a parallel channel of shows, experimental sounds, radio art and sound collage, with regular shows by Dylan Nyoukis, female:pressure, First Terrace records, and many more. You can pick it up on DAB digital radio devices, as well as via the Resonance FM website.

The new reach of the station gives listeners a new way to hear our weekly Resonance broadcast, Adventures In Sound And Music. Each show, which goes out at Thursdays at 9pm, is simulcast on Resonance and Resonance EXTRA, giving you another way to keep track of the hot sounds of your favourite underground music magazine, if you’re out and about, driving around, or next to a DAB radio somewhere in the cities that are part of the new project.

You can read and hear more about Resonance EXTRA on the Resonance website.