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Major Éliane Radigue box set issued

Œuvres Électroniques is released by Ina-GRM ‎today

A major box set of compositions by French electronic composer Éliane Radigue has been released by Ina-GRM. The mid-price release features 14 CDs spanning 1987's Jetsun Mila through to the 1998's Les Chants De Milarepa and 2013’s Ψ 847. It also features an 80 page bilingual booklet in French and English.

Included on the release is: Chry-ptus (versions 2001 and 2006); Geelriandre & Arthesis; Biogenesis; Ψ 847 (concert versio); Adnos I, II & III; Les Chants De Milarepa with “Mila’s Song In The Rain”, “Song Of The Path Guides”, “Elimination Of Desires”, “Symbols For Yogic Experience”, and “Mila’s Journey Inspired By A Dream”; Jetsun Mila (over two CDs); L’Île Re-sonante, and Trilogie De La Mort with “Kyema”, “Kailasha”, and “Koumé”.

Œuvres Électroniques is is available now.