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Sam Underwood and Graham Dunning share the secrets of their Mammoth Beat Organ

The duo have made three videos to explain the thoughts and processes behind their new modular instrument

Graham Dunning and Sam Underwood have shared three videos about their new project The Dunning Underwood Mammoth Beat Organ.

They describe their DIY instrument as a “two player, semi-autonomous musical instrument” that plays “unusual, sometimes erratic compositions”. This is the duo’s first instrument collaboration, they continue, adding that it was inspired by fairground organ techniques and their mutual interest in mechanical music.

Three videos have been uploaded onto YouTube: How Do They Make It?! Music, Mammoth Beat Organ – Behind The Scenes and a 38 minute performance of the duo live at Supersonic in July.

There’s more to follow, say the duo, promising instrument updates, a Mammoth Beat Organ tour and a forthcoming record released by Front And Follow.

Watch How Do They Make It?! Music below: