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Feature length documentary about Can frontman Damo Suzuki

More Can news is announced, as director Michelle Heighway sets up crowdfunding campaign for new film

A new feature length documentary in on the way about Can frontman Damo Suzuki. Directed by Yorkshire based photographer and film maker Michelle Heighway, who directed a portrait of a British eccentric Mr Somebody? back in 2014, Energy: A Documentary About Damo Suzuki reflects on the singer's life as he confronts cancer. Touring for over 20 years, Suzuki was diagnosed in 2014. As well as Suzuki, it stars his wife and carer Elke Morsbach, and features animations of Suzuki's lucid dream world.

“The themes here are music, creativity, human resilience, the mind and the ability to focus, outsider and new age thinking/art and independence,” says Heighway. “This documentary is a wonderful story of hope and survival. It’s a personal portrait of the life and times of a nomad, poet and enigmatic singer on his very inspiring journey.”

The film is marked for release in 2019, with Heighway setting up a crowdfunding campaign to cover costs of post production. Rewards include T-shirts, tote bags, mugs, badges and prints.

Watch the trailer below.