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Mika Vainio has died

Electronic music producer and former member of Pan Sonic has died

Finnish electronic musician and composer Mika Vainio has died. This was initially reported by Finnish news site The Rumba and has since been confirmed by friends.

Vainio was born in Helsinki in 1963, moving to Turku in his teens. It was during this period that he began drumming, and in the 1990s he formed the electronic trio Pan Sonic (originally named Panasonic) alongside Ilpo Väisänen and Sami Salo, the latter of whom left in 1996. In 1994 the group released a self titled EP on Sähkö Recordings. Around that time they also released the Vakio album on Paul Smith's label Blast First. In 2009 they announced their disbandment and – aside from the 2014 live album Oksastus (taken from a 2009 performance) and last year's film soundtrack Atomin Paluu – the duo's final album was Gravitoni, released by Blast First Petite in May 2010.

Solo, Vainio has released under his own name as well as Ø, Philus and others. Using hardware throughout his artistic career, having expressed a lack of interest in computers, Vainio departed from the industrial noise orientation of Pan Sonic, releasing Ambient works via Touch and performing with improvising groups. Last year he scored the soundtrack to Mika Taanila’s film Mannerlaatta (or Tectonic Plate) and released the Reat LP (both on iDEAL), in 2015 he released a collaborative album Peau Froide, Léger Soleil with Franck Vigroux.