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Brian Eno's mid-1990s albums reissued with My Squelchy Life

Four Brian Eno albums from the mid-1990s are being expanded and reissued by All Saints: Nerve Net, The Shutov Assembly, Neroli and The Drop. All come with a CD of extra material, with Nerve Net bundled with the first release of lost Eno album My Squelchy Life.

My Squelchy Life was originally pencilled in for release in 1991. It was finished, with press copies sent out before it was pulled after Eno decided to continue adding to the material. A number of reviews exist, one of which appeared in The Wire 91 (September 1991), where one 'Mike Fish' describes the record as being "as endearing and indispensible as every Eno record. No masterpiece, but not to be missed." Nerve Net was released a year later with some of the tracks from My Squelchy Life included on the album. Skip forward to 1995 and Eno made Wire history again, with title track "My Squelchy Life" being the first track to be hummed in Mike Barnes's Invisible Jukebox interview with Robert Wyatt (The Wire 142). Barnes accidentally taped over the track, and Wyatt asked him to hum the piece instead. Barnes agreed, and Wyatt guessed the track correctly.

Three of the four albums will be released on double vinyl save Neroli, which Eno doesn't want to fragment across vinyl, and includes an unreleased hour-long ambient piece titled New Space Music on a second CD. The Drop and The Shutov Assembly contain a second CD of unreleased tracks from Eno's archive. All Saints will reissue all four Eno albums on 1 December.