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Boy Better Know launch pay as you go mobile network

Boy Better Know have moved into telecommunications, launching a mobile network and SIM card. The network, Boy Better Know Mobile, has a dedicated call centre and Twitter customer service, complete with Boy Better Know hold music, and voiceovers recorded by JME.

It's a standard pay as you go SIM or microSIM, and appears to be piggybacking off Three's network given the T&Cs (making Boy Better Know an MVNO), although Three's spokespeople weren't aware of it at time of writing. So… Wiley has gone from being in the Pay As U Go Cartel to being involved with an actual pay as you go network. Watch the promo video, with a full explanation from JME, below.


How do i get a boy better know sim card.


Yh I want to join

get this global...

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