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Mordant Music Compilation Marks The Baron’s 50th Release

To mark Mordant Music’s 50th release, The Baron has released a 41 track compilation, including excerpts from the Misinformation DVD and new and unreleased tracks by Shackleton, Ekoplekz, Mordant Music, Vindicatrix, Mr Maxted and others. ModernismuseuM is released as a digital download only (FLAC and MP3), and comes bundled with "MMegaplekz": a 75 minute mix by Ekoplekz.

Ekoplekz recorded the mix live, in four sections which were then stitched together digitally. He says: “I ignored any sense of chronology, just tried to make random neural connections wherever possible. I wanted it to start very abstract, so the listener felt disorientated at the start with nothing to cling on to, then gradually bring in a sense of order - and then shatter it again at every turn." More info and tracklisting here.