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Ken Hollings presents Requiem for the Network on Radio 3

Starting tonight on Radio 3, regular contributor to The Wire Ken Hollings is presenting Requiem For The Network, a series of five 15 minute shows which will run every evening this week. Hollings will be exploring the idea of the network in weaponry systems, commercial enterprises, banking and home entertainment: As these networks draw increasingly on the same operating platforms, the neutrality of the network is called into question.

The first show is “Welcome To The Labyrinth” which asks if “perhaps the hardest labyrinth to get out of is the one you don't even realise you are in?”

Hollings says: “Perhaps the most appropriate model for understanding the enduring nature of the network is the labyrinth: a structure of mystifying complexity where technology, deception and violence all meet. The US military, having been instrumental in developing the internet, has now withdrawn into its own secret labyrinth, which it considers a safe environment for the transmission of classified data.”

The rest of the week continues with “Victorian Search Engines”, “The Network Goes To War”, “I’ll Be Your Orange Juice”, and “Heads In The Clouds”. For more information head over to Radio 3 or Ken Hollings' blog.