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Deconstructing Violence In Grime

October 2015

If you can’t mess with time don’t do grime, writes Wire Editor Derek Walmsley in Seismographic Sound: Visions Of A New World, a book recently published by Norient

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Unsound: Future Shock Zine extracts and tracks

October 2011

The folks at Krakow's Unsound festival are putting together a publication that they'll distribute during the fest (9–16 October, supported by The Wire). Below, read contributions and listen to tracks from artists who will be performing at Unsound, including William Bennett, Christelle Gualdi aka Stellar OM Source and Natural Snow Buildings.

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Cathi Unsworth: Dirty Old Town

December 2009

Read an exclusive extract from The Not Knowing (Serpent's Tail 2005), Cathi Unsworth's debut novel, in which she evokes Gallon Drunk's Camden as referred to in her Epiphany